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Selecting parents for your child may be the most difficult task you face as you consider adoption. Because we understand this, we assure you of this: Our waiting families are  carefully vetted before we present them to you; they are fully committed and ready and willing to be good parents; you are under no obligation to say yes to anything or anyone. We are here for you. 

Our waiting parents

How does the ka makana program screen the families who want to adopt my baby?

The Ka Makana program at A Family Tree requires prospective adoptive applicant parents to complete an extensive process that includes background clearances, medical physical exams, character references, an inspection of their home, financial information, discussion of their beliefs about adoption and more, so we can gather information about their true character and ability to parent your child.

This screening process is extremely important. For example, if future religious beliefs of your child are important to you and you want a Christian or Muslim family, we will find the best Christian or Muslim families for you. Other examples include a birth parent’s wish that the adoptive family possess certain values, or that they do not yet have any other children. Ka Makana is committed to helping you find a wonderful family for your baby.

how will i be able to select prospective parents for my child?

We understand that fit and match is everything. We know that one thing that keeps many women up at night, is the thought that they need to know their child is safe and loved. For this reason, most of our pregnant women clients prefer to be involved in selecting their child's adoptive family. (We are also able to make a good match based on what we know about you, what you tell us is important for you, and what we know about the adoptive family... in case you don't want to do this yourself)


When you are ready to look at family profiles, we will meet with you to review the photo books of our approved, trained, cleared and ready families. We will not show you anyone who has not already passed the very rigorous and high standards we follow. In some cases families may have video's available for you to review. In some cases you may wish to talk on the phone, Zoom, or meet face to face with the family you are interested in considering. We will make all arrangements, never leaving you to sort this out on your own. We will be there with you, supporting you, as you consider each waiting family. When you feel ready to make a decision you will know you are ready. 

when will i need to commit to the specific couple or parent for my child?

You will not be asked to commit to anything or anyone, until after you have given birth to your child. After you give birth we will work with you at your own pace, assisting you with next steps. If after giving birth, you still feel ready to move ahead with the adoption plan, we will provide the consent paperwork for you to sign at that time. At that time you will most likely want to select the family for your child. In some cases, women may not be ready to commit to an adoptive family, but may be certain they are ready to sign adoption consent paperwork. In those cases your Ka Makana support team can make arrangements for a loving temporary care-giver family to care for your baby while you make your adoptive family decision. In some cases a mother may decide to care for her child while making her final decision. 

The bottom line is that you are under no obligation to commit to a specific couple or parent until you feel ready to do so.

can i change my mind?

We strongly believe that adoption works best for the child, the mother, and the adopting family, when the mother is at peace with her decision. While we understand that adoption is difficult, most women who place children feel they made the right decision. With that in mind, we also know that during the transition from making the decision to place a child, to signing the consent for adoption documents, and lovingly placing your child in the arms of his or her adoptive parents' arms, can be confusing and difficult. We know that as sure as some women are about their decision to place a child for adoption, there can be post-partum, and hormone-induced depression or emotionally heightened feelings. We know that the period right after birth is scary and confusing. Your Ka Makana support team will help to the extent that you are willing to receive help during this time.

Once the final adoption consent forms have been signed, by you, the birth mother, the legal adoption process starts.  Ka Makana works diligently to ensure that women who sign adoption consent forms, are emotionally ready to sign, are aware of what they are signing, and are clear that making a loving adoption plan for their child, is in the child's best interest. 

Because this is probably the most important aspect of your adoption process, we welcome more discussion and questions from our pregnant clients on this topic.

how do i start the adoption process?

The best way to start the adoption process is to call and speak privately with a member of the Ka Makana team. You can call us when it is most convenient for you and a team member will gladly talk with you about your situation and answer any questions you may have. You do not have to have already chosen adoption to call and talk to someone at A Family Tree's Ka Makana program.

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