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Letter from the CEO



Thank you for your interest in adoption. We are glad you are here. As a team of professionals who has spent a career living in this world of adoption, it's always exciting when we can share our love of adoption with others. Our hope is that your time spent here will leave you feeling a little more confident about what adoption is, who the children are, and how you can take steps to make a difference.

Kristine and her family, in China.


Kristine with HIC Founder,

Monroe Woollard, in China (1992)


Kristine with her family, in China (2017)

In 1991 I began working at Hawai'i International Child Placement and Family Services, Inc. (HIC) under the direction of its founder, Monroe Woollard. In 1992 I spent time in China, establishing HIC's China adoption program. Nearly 30 years later I was there again, with my five children, two of whom were born in China. In the intervening years I was fortunate to travel to a dozen countries, visit countless orphanages, meet hundreds of inspirational (adoptive) families, and fall in love with so very many children. Those children are the reason we do this work. We hope, someday, to be out of work.

In the meantime, it is an absolute joy to work with the dedicated team here at A Family Tree.  Each day we strive to meet the challenges presented by our diverse array of clients and their ever-changing needs. We keep the waiting and placed children in mind as we work to improve our trainings and processes. We remind ourselves that without our heroic parent applicants none of this would be possible. We hold the birth families close to our hearts, remembering to honor them as we look to a brighter future for their children. 

Thank you for your interest in adoption. We understand you have options, and the trust you place in the team at A Family Tree is everything.  We love our work, and hope to work with you.

With aloha,

Kristine Altwies, MA/LMFT

ED/CEO A Family Tree

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