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mother holding baby


Adoption is a human relational process that has been happening since the dawn of time, in every culture. Like many human endeavors, we have made many mistakes and learned a lot, often at the expense of someone's health or happiness. 

Flash forward to today. We have better insight into human developmental needs, what happens in utero,  and how our transactions and experiences live in us forever. We have listened to the voices of women who made the difficult decision to place a child for adoption, we've been advised by adults who were raised in cross-cultural adoptive homes. We know how the trauma of adoption can impact a child for life. We know more about human resilience, the unlimited capacity we have for love. 

If you are interested in learning more about adoption, if you think you may wish to place a child for adoption, seek support for your own adoption, find out about the children awaiting adoption, this is our promise to you:

At A Family Tree we believe in human beings, and do this work because we know how lucky we are to do something meaningful.  We care about each person we help, and we strive to be better each day.  We because we have a lot of pride in what we do, it's our goal to ensure you receive a supportive, professional and transparent experience.

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