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Adoptive Parent training

While most of us are instinctively programmed to love and nurture, there is a lot to be learned about exactly how parenting can impact our children.  


Pre-adoptive parent training is required by most child placement organizations. A Family Tree has been offering our unique Adoptive Parent Training program (APT) for more than 20 years. Our APT supports and prepares parents, and is offered remotely as well as in person. 

Adoptive Parent Training (APT)

Adoptive parent training

what is apt?


Adoptive Parent Training course prepares prospective adoptive parents, providing essential insights, tools, and resources necessary in parenting an adopted, fostered, or post-institutional child. APT is an efficient and comprehensive series of group meetings and lectures, designed to prepare parents for raising an adopted or formerly institutionalized child. APT provides insights into child development, types of attachment, psychological and social/emotional realities that are important to our children. The course addresses myths and  truths in adoption, and offers prospective parents the opportunity to examine some of their own thinking and behaviors, while preparing for the upcoming parenting. The course covers required training topics for Domestic, Intercountry and Foster Care Adoption, and meets all pre-adoption training requirements for Hague or specific Foster Care adoptions. Videos, reading materials, and short home work assignments are assigned prior to the course commencement.

In most cases, APT is a required training and must be completed prior to placement of a child into your home.




The course is offered over a remote learning platform (Zoom), and is occasionally offered live, in person,  to best accommodate our families. A Family Tree runs the program and it is open to any AFT client, following the initial AFT application process.

Typically the course is offered four days in a row, for a few hours each day, for example, Monday through Thursday, from 4 PM to 7 PM. Occasionally weekend trainings are offered, in which case class would take place on Saturday, from 9 AM to 12 PM, four (4) Saturdays in a row. Classes are offered once a month, and are limited to 10 students each time. 

Do i need to take it?

Adoptive Parent Training (APT) is required for anyone adopting or considering fostering a child. Families who have previously completed a similar training  through a different organization, may request a course waiver from APT. Waivers require proof of previous training, a written request for waiver, and an explanation of request. In some cases AFT may require a short interview with the waiver requestor, to determine whether the course may be waived. In most cases, clients who have previously adopted or taken other similar trainings, report high level of satisfaction after having taken the APT course at A Family Tree. 

how much does it cost?

Currently AFT's Adoptive Parent Training course (APT) is $150 per person. All applicants are required to take the course. Payment is required to ensure a spot in an upcoming class.

Sign up for apt

Space is limited and classes are offered bimonthly. 

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