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 post placement/Post adoption

Once a child is placed in a home, supervision is usually required for a number of months or years. Post Placement refers to work conducted when a child is placed but not yet fully and finally adopted; and post adoption is work that happens after adoption is final but the sending entity still requires supervision or reporting. A Family Tree offers all manner of support for these situations - supervision, counseling, report writing, and continued collaboration with all involved parties.

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Post placement work

Post placement reports


Whether AFT placed your child into your family, or your child came to you through another agency, AFT can complete all required work, will write reports, and coordinate with the involved entities to ensure you complete all required post placement supervision and reporting. Typically two (2) visits (and reports) are required of each family following child placement. We can complete as many as are required. Families apply with AFT and pay per report. In some cases, due to the pending status of your adoption case, parents will be required by the child's supervising entity to maintain all clearances throughout this period. Reports typically cost $600 each.

Post adoption reports

Post adoption reports are nearly the same as post placement reports, although typically, no clearance or additional paperwork is required of parents at this phase. Because your adoption is full and final at this stage, your reports are conducted as a result of pre-placement contractual obligations. Reports typically cost $600 each.

adoption or placement supervision

A Family Tree can provide services to families requiring post placement or post adoption supervision. We will coordinate with your placing entity to ensure supervisory requirements are met. Cost for supervision is based on the number of hours required of AFT staff. We can provide you with a fee after reviewing your case.


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