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If you are pregnant...

... If you are pregnant and looking at this website, we want you to know we understand.

We understand that you may be feeling alone, confused, and even a bit guilty. You may be feeling lost, sad, and scared. Our goal is to help you. With all of this.

Please read this next part carefully and come back to this whenever you need:

1) If you are pregnant and unsure of whether you are ready to raise your child, by considering adoption you are already being a "good" mother. 

2) Women who consider their options, women who ask themselves whether they are ready and able to care for another human being are loving just by thinking about their child's needs.

3) Whether or not you decide to place your child for adoption will be your decision. If you are seeking support during this time, we are here to help you.

4) We understand that making the decision to place a child takes time and thought. Our practice is to support and listen. We know that the best decisions come when no outside pressure is applied, and when women are able to think and process carefully. 

5) Whether your decide to parent your child, or place her for adoption, we are happy to talk to you, to listen, to meet, to help. 

6) We have been doing this work as a nonprofit service for more than 45 years. We know adoption inside and out. We know the process, we know the feelings, we know the struggle, we know the legal parts. We know it all and we enjoy sharing what we know with women who are wondering what to do.


Regardless of where you are at in your thinking, whether you are are 5% or 95% certain about parenting or placing your child, if you feel you could use some non-coercive support, please let us know.

We really love our work, and we look forward to meeting you. 

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If you are pregnant
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